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David, I don't want to be a dick but part of the learning process is actually learning. You had some insanely qualified people here (not including me, I can't compare to Scott's pedigree when it comes to speed training one bit) step up and lead you in the right direction, and I tried to tell you some things I have learned over the years when I was training for football and rugby that I used (and used on past athletes) to help them increase their top speed.

Not many people are going to be able to describe an exact training regimen for you based off of a bulletin post of a question how. It requires personal interaction and a lot of questions answered from you as to specifics as to how fast you are, your strength level, body composition, etc..

Please read Scott's article, if it is too long, then obviously you aren't willing to take the training time needed to improve yourself if you can't sacrifice 30 minutes tops to read his article and learn some new things.

No disrespect to you, but we all have to learn somewhere, the tools are there for you to use, learn how to use them or contact a trainer near you that can work with you in helping you to use those tools, but teach yourself first.

Everything I learned about lifting and fitness I learned myself, I asked questions and I listened to others give me advice. I didn't ask for them to outline it for me, I asked their opinions and learned how they did it and what worked for them and took out what worked for me and learned my own approach.
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