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Thanks George/Derek,
I've toyed around with some macros and my daily totals are looking like this so far, its still a work in progress but feel free to comment:

600 grams meat (beef or chicken)
150grams almonds
160grams WPI (on weight training days only for now)
500-600 grams vegetables/salad (cucumber, capsicum/avocado/mushroom/celery in olive oil dressing)
125 grams brown rice on workout days only.

my IF will be from 8pm to midday following day, feeding from midday to 8pm.
I work 8am to 5pm and train at about 530pm

8am - noon I'll be sipping on BCAAs/Beta Alanine in water and drinking black coffee.

Pre and post workout are 60grams WPI in water
Peri workout will be more BCAAs/Beta Alanine, and am considering a waxy maize carb drink as well, not sure on that yet. This will be for weights workouts only for now. During stair climbs it'll be BCAA/Beta Alanine only for now.

Training is:
Mon/Wed/Fri: DC or low volume style strength program
Tue/Thurs: stair climbing mixing 'normal' running with intervals.

From memory the macro breakdown is P: 43%/F 35%/CHO 21% VERY roughly...
I think it was 1100 cals from PRO, 1100 from Fat, and aout 550 from CHO to aim for a daily totaly of 2750 which is 250 below my 3000 maintenance cals.

Ok, so there's my start point. Feel free to comment.

Thanks everyone for your input so far, very valuable and much appreciated. Enjoying learning about something new!
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