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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
We started working on general liver herb/nutrient supplementation (to help with detoxification), she started sleeping better relatively quickly. Then we tested her for toxic metals, because chronic lead toxicity is definitely something to rule out in unresponsive iron deficiency anemia. Lead binds to the same places as iron, and can keep iron from binding much at all.
You know I just recently received back the BED book that my gf's sister borrowed from us and I gave it another read. Sounds like the section in there on liver cleansing might be highly relevant here.. I'm very interested in what it has to say about liver and sleep. There is a lot in the book that makes me skeptical all around but maybe there is something to go on here..

Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Greg, you might want to look to an ND up there who will do the urine toxic metals test (preferably using DMPS as the chelating agent) and look for lead toxicity. Don't waste your time with a blood test.
Hmm.. thanks for the recommendation. I will go to my MD in the new year, get another iron test. See how things are going and then potentially look up an ND.
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