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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
Until you have everything else dialed in, IF should be the last thing you do for health and wellness.
IF added into a person who is sleep deprived, eating crap and stressed out will be a complete disaster-crash and burn scenario. No doubt about that.

People still need to know how to eat the rest of the time, as IF is just a "tool" not a "diet" plan.

There is no real super magic in using IF more often other than just a condensed eating window to control calories. Used too often it can also backfire on someone especially if they are not eating enough (or their lifestyle is a mess, which is a HUGE factor in recovery terms).

When you talk about bodycomp goals then things like carb cycling and timing will matter, and not using IF to just binge on a big meal thinking it all goes into the muscle (esp carbs)...which it won't.

You can get many health benefits (the biggest 2 being low fasting insulin/lowered inflammation) just from eating real foods and exercise alone without needing IF....IF just makes it easier for some. If you really want the true health/longevity benefits of a IF approach when compared to CR studies, then we are talking more about the longer fasts and reduced calories on IF days...which is most likely not in tune with a person who is very active and wants to gain muscle.
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