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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
What kind of workouts can trolls get underwater?
What the hell Garret? I am not a troll. I belong to Crossfit Virtuosity in NYC, I have a 154 posts on the crossfit messageboard. i basically re-discovered the catalysts athletic board as i was hungrily searching for more information on the rob wolf and everett debacle. I just bought greg everetts book and am underlining stuff. I also am a little creative and wanted to post my ideas. Look from this thread i just learned of kb swinging underwater. and water jogging which was my premise is actually in the domain of physical therapy.

I expressed my dissapointment and the wolf scandal at the crossfit board and my posts got scrubbed. I go over here and you call me a troll. like what the hell...

Garret you're comments are completely uncalled for. it;s funny like you got a lotta degrees in your signature but no manners.
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