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Originally Posted by Jonathan Silverman View Post
It may not make sense to ruin a C2 rower machine, but I bet it makes sense to row in a real boat without it moving, and then have transfer benefit to c2 rowing.. what do you think?

and what do you think of underwater KB training? that's easy to do, you just take a KB to the beach...
You also remove the whole point of doing the training...

The only thing you should be doing underwater is:

Holding your breath.
Scuba diving.
Attacking via amphibious assault.
Swimming/diving for fun or competition.
Taking a bath.

I agree Steven, but that falls under swimming. Tell me how running in a pool translates well to anything on land? It doesn't, and If you don't need to be bearing your weight on land, YOU SHOULDN'T BE WORKING OUT.

I read crap like this, and I go wow, these people are idiots. Injury is there for a reason. It's your body and life's way of telling you that 1 - your form and technique sucks, and 2 - completely rest, heal completely, and spend that time learning how to do things correctly, then apply them once healed.

Sorry I don't buy the benefit of it.
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