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Originally Posted by Matt Wil View Post
Thanks for the replies. I've seen Martins' blog and have emailed him for further information so we'll see how that one goes.

Mike - so are you saying that I shouldn't consider IF as a viable option ?
He's probably busy and gets a ton of emails, so wouldn't necessarily expect a reply. The info on what he uses is out there (I think I gave the link to an article that explains it earlier) but it is simple approach:
- Eat 8 hours a day
- Mostly protein/fats/veggies/fruits etc
- Use PWO timeframe to eat more starchy carbs (and lower protein/fat)

As far as the workout and food, he suggests (as do I) that for weight training add in some basic BCAAs pre-workout. I like the "fasted"state to prime you for the anabolic response of the pwo window, but still for muscle building purposes you want some additional Amino Acids in the bloodstream. For cardio types of workouts it doesn't matter as much.

So you see even on that approach, quality of foods is stressed (aka eat Paleo-like) and you have more "leeway" in the PWO window. You will know if you are doing sloppy glycoen reloads PWO because you will see more fat (esp around the stubborn areas).

Or you could just eat all day long however you like and throw in 1-2 longer fasts (such as an Eat-Stop-Eat style) on your non-workout days.

I wouldn't suggest combining both, just pick a way that sounds good and see what happens. If it ain't working....change it up. Biggest factors will be getting enough calories, enough protein and not using sloppy carb reloads.
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