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Thanks Mike, I've actually heard back from Martin just yesterday which was great

Ok, thanks for that info and yes you're correct there is a lot out there which I'm making my way through daily.

My issue will be that I work out later in the day, after work, and my work days are typically 8am-5pm, so I'd be working out 'mid' feeding window so my calories will be probably weighted more evenly around the workout rather than the bulk afterwards.

For my lifestyle, which is typically a busy one as I'm a single Dad as well, I think what may work well for me is fasting 16hrs from 8pm to midday the following day: Feeding window midday to 8pm. If things aren't moving there's opportunity to do a 24 hour fast noon sunday till noon Monday.

I've already toyed with the eating window this last few days, although during this period the foods haven't been ideal, I more wanted to see how my mental accuity and ability to function reacted and so far, not a blip on the radar. I start training again today (light bedding in for the following week's REAL beginnings) so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

Thanks Mike, appreciate your input.
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