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Thanks for helping me understand all of this...

so since a tabata protocol was used for aerobic activities as a way to incr. aerobic and anaerobic ability...

then i think the way to incorporate it into front squats would be..

first front squat 2-3 reps for 10-12 sets until you feel your heart is like pounding in your chest, and then right away

drop the weight really light and shoot for 7-12 reps or more tabata protocol wise.

and then my conclusion is in a month you will be able to do heavier 4-6 reps than somebody who doesn't do this.

what do you guys think?

basically what my logic is this:
tabata = incr aerobic & anaerobic capacity in an aerobic excercise and not include incr. aerobic & anaerobic capacity within anaerobic excercise. so to get tabatas benefits for weight training we kinda gotta trick the body into thinking its doing an aerobic excercise. im talking about a new subjective protocol that incorporates the tabata protocol for anaerobic work.
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