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Originally Posted by Jonathan Silverman View Post
Thanks for helping me understand all of this...

so since a tabata protocol was used for aerobic activities as a way to incr. aerobic and anaerobic ability...

then i think the way to incorporate it into front squats would be..

first front squat 2-3 reps for 10-12 sets until you feel your heart is like pounding in your chest, and then right away

drop the weight really light and shoot for 7-12 reps or more tabata protocol wise.

and then my conclusion is in a month you will be able to do heavier 4-6 reps than somebody who doesn't do this.

what do you guys think?

basically what my logic is this:
tabata = incr aerobic & anaerobic capacity in an aerobic excercise and not include incr. aerobic & anaerobic capacity within anaerobic excercise. so to get tabatas benefits for weight training we kinda gotta trick the body into thinking its doing an aerobic excercise. im talking about a new subjective protocol that incorporates the tabata protocol for anaerobic work.
If you just want some basic aerobic capacity, something like that could work. The Tabata research indicated increases in V02 Max as their indicator of aerobic fitness. V02 Max is important for the shorter endurance events, but power outut at lactate threshold becomes the primary indicator of aerobic performance during longer events. Tabata intervals would do very little for that beyond a basic threshold.
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