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Here is what I have so far:

CF is a private publishing company based in Arizona which employs 10 people, but how might one go about getting a peak at their tax returns, or any other finance statement? Also, if anyone knows any statistics related to CF & $ (that can be verified), I'd say it'd be a good idea to start compiling a list.

As it stands now, there are 50 Level 1 certs. I counted the total number of people from the 5 Cert pictures from 12/21/2009 and they were, if I'm not mistaken, 51, 62, 59, 52, and 38, which averages out to 52.4. So I'll use 53 as my number (which, compared to my Level 1, is a conservative number, but may reflect the slowing demand.)
53 people times 50 certs times $1,000 = $2,650,000. Since those Certs run until April, (which is the fourth month) multiplying 2,650,000 by 3 will give an approximate pre-tax year total income before expenses. 2,650,000 x 3 = 7,950,000. For simplicity's sake, I'll round that up to $8 million. So we can expect Cf to make 8 million this year on Level 1 certs, before costs. I've heard that Level 1 trainers make $400/day, so $400 x 2 days x 6 trainers = $4,800. Multiplied by 50 certs, that's $240,000. 240,000 x 3 = $720,000, so CF will spend $720,000 this year on trainers, if those figures are accurate, which is about 9% of the income. I believe they do not pay to use the CF gym which holds the cert, because it is deemed an honor. For every dollar CF makes, they have to pay out 9 cents to trainers. Thinking about it another way, the Return on Capital is %1,111. So for every 9 cents they spend, they make 1 dollar. And that's for Level 1 only.

I need some help filling in the blanks on these:

There is one Level 2 cert in January, so I will assume 1 per month on those. It may turn out that there is 1 every 4 months, or 3 a year. But it's somewhere between 3-12. Does anyone know the number of trainees and trainers at a Level 2? Or the prescribed ratio?

CrossFit Kids is $595 for two days + $50 for a background check. There are 5 certs right now, so that's 15 a year. If they get 30 people a class, that would net them $267,750, pre-tax and expenses. Does anyone know the cost of a background check? Is it $50, or is someone making money on that too?

7 certs until March (03/3009) x 4 = 28 certs a year. $595 for a two day cert. Anyone know how many trainers and trainees?

CF Football
$795 for a 2 day cert. 5 certs through May.

$595 for a 2 day cert. 10 certs through March, so that would make 40 certs a year.

$595 for a 2 day cert. 6 certs through April so that would make 18 certs a year.

Mobility and Recovery
$225 for a 1 day cert. 5 certs through April so 15 a year.

$249 for a 1 day cert. 5 certs through April, so 15 certs a year.

OLY Lift
$595 for a 2 day cert. 12 certs through April, so 36 certs a year.

$595 for a 2 day cert. 3 certs through March, so 12 certs a year.

$395 for a 1 day cert. 5 certs through April, so 15 certs a year.

$595 for a 2 day cert. 2 certs through February, so 12 a year.

Crossfit Coach's Prep Course
Price unlisted, requires a $250 deposit.

CrossFit Vacation
$1490 for a single, $1365 for a single. 5 days, 2 certs (Gymnastics and Nutrition). 1 in January.

CrossFit Journal
$25 per year, or free with cert.

CF Games and Regionals

Affiliation Dues
$500 or $1,000 or $2,000 depending on when you got in.
There are 1330 paying affiliates, as I counted them. At the very least, that's $665,000 per year. Does anyone know when the price hikes started, and the affiliation counts too? I bet that number is at least 1 million a year.
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