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Originally Posted by Jamila Bey View Post
The figure I quoted was in the November 2008 issue of Outside Magazine.
Parker, you might try contacting the author of the article for a reference on that number.

Basically, with the small amount of work you've done, it has become quite obvious that there's a whole bankload of money going into the CF coffers (who knows how fast it is being spent, not my business).

There's many more expenses than what you've come up with, though. For example, the CFHQ trainers are likely getting at least their travel expenses paid for (because $800 a cert would cover the flight/hotel/meals and maybe not much more). I could be wrong.

Anyway, as Jamila noted, it's just hilarious that sheeple still push the "free website" thing on anyone who protests the costs of seminars etc. "Free" my arse.
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