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According to the "Business of CF" article, affiliation fees are as follows:
350 gyms pay $500 a year (350 x $500 = $175,000)
650 gyms pay $1,000 a year (650 x $1,000 = $650,000)
That leaves 330 gyms paying $2,000 a year. (330 x $2,000 = $660,000)
Total: $1,485,000 a year

GG on Affiliates
"...if I try to get everyone moving in lockstep, I get everyone moving towards mediocrity. Because we have a Darwinian/free-market approach to the affiliates, best practices arise at a breathtaking rate."

According to that article, 60 students attend an average seminar, so my numbers from the level 1 which used 53 are conservative.

The article says $6.48 million in yearly revenue from certs. Revenue is the entire income before deductions are made, so that number seems low. His calculations assumed there were 98 Level 1 certs per year with 60 people attending, whereas mine used the mainpage's 50 L1 in 4 months to get 150 L1 certs per year with 53 attending.

CFHQ takes a 20-30% cut of SME's revenue.
If 45 people go to a $595 cert, that's $6693.75 in CFHQ's pocket.

Any way to figure out how many Journal subscribers there are?
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