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I think the Ponzi scheme comparison is there because the achilles heel of any Ponzi scheme is the lack of sustainable (albeit explosive) growth from which to draw. Right now, people are lining up to go to a cert, but how many people can you certify? Will it continue, or will it dry up? If CF's main source of revenue is the level 1 cert, and from my perspective it is, then what happens if fewer people sign up? If I get a level 1 cert, I am banking on brand recognition to sell my product (if i train people) which is where the multi-level marketing comparisons creep in. That's comparison, not accusation. Its fishy enough to look into, which is what I'm doing. anyways, if CF has taken on any debt and uses cert money to pay off that debt, it could end badly, especially for affiliates. I have to wonder why affiliates don't demand more accountability from HQ. But you're right, CF is not a Ponzi scheme.

The reason I posted the quote was the "exploiting weakness in others" part. I believe that CF does that very well. But that is my opinion.

I'll just keep posting information as I can get it, so people can make up their own mind. I'll do my best to stick to the facts.
btw Garrett thanks for the cfj link--it was helpful.
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