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Originally Posted by Justin Herring View Post
This is what happens 90% of the time when a privately owned company experiences major success. The owners make bank. The customers get to be customers.

The fact that crossfit is a big financial success is not surprising, it isn't a secret, and it isn't nefarious. People get rich every day in this country selling everything under the sun.

Nor is a business that grows explosively for a while and then flat-lines or crashes because its popularity diminishes "like a ponzi scheme" or "like a fraud." It happens to lots of businesses. Sometimes they go up, sometimes they go down.

Look, I'm all about Robb Wolf etc, but sometimes this crossfit hate gets out of hand.
CrossFit hate never gets out of hand. If you don't care and don't want to be part of the process of looking into how they run their finances, then it seems you don't want to help Parker. That is fine, and your choice. But don't sit here and troll the thread to try and turn it away from what he is trying to do. That is the mod's decision on whether they want it on their forum.

This isn't even close to the hate, go to IGX, and you'll see there is a heck of a lot more to this over the years.
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