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Originally Posted by Mike Prevost View Post

Seems like a well thought out reply but it is wrong. Only Dr. Tim Noakes and his lab believe that there is a limiter besides the cardiovascular side. The other 99.9% of exercise physiologists are pretty clear on this, and the research supports it....the limiter for VO2 max is the supply of oxygen to working muscles. If you could supply more oxygen, the muscles would use it and you would see an increase in VO2 max.

The situation gets a bit more complicated when you try to test VO2 max in a modality other than running. But even that does not invalidate the finding that VO2 max is limited by the cardiovascular system.

In the context of my post however.....VO2 max is not really that important when it comes to predicting performance. THis is because most events are not run at VO2 max intensities. THerefore it is metabolic adaptations inside of the muscles that will primarily determine performance. This is why power or pace at lactate threshold are considered better predictors than VO2 max.
I don't get what you're saying, Mike. I mean, I don't get how you're trying to argue against what Joel over at was saying. How does what you're saying relate to the central vs. peripheral adaptation contributions for endurance events?
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