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Originally Posted by Wendy Nelson View Post
After reading through this thread and numerous other searches I am still unclear if I should/need to supplement with BCAA

If I am eating steak n eggs every day would it be a good bet that I'm covered? Does the cooking heat reduce the amount of availability?

While cruising posts I did see digestive enzymes recommended before a BCAA supplement. This sounds good so I think I will get some Wobenzym.

I agree with eating Paleo and it serves me well, but at my age it's hard to beat back the what ifs....could I be healthier and should I give my body an advantage?

Thanks for any insight.
The foods listed below each provide 2000mg (2g) of BCAA's so assuming that your diet is reasonably varied and your calorie intake is adequate I'd say that you've got the whole BCAA thing covered.

40g of cooked lean steak.

1.5 (75g) eggs.

260ml of skimed milk.

170g of low fat yogurt.

65g of almonds.

2 slices (145g) wholegrain bread.
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