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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
It's really intended as a vehicle for coaches. I went to a) gain some ideas for my own training (since I am essentially my own coach) and b) because I have an inclination to get into coaching. I was the only non-coach in the class, but had a chance to talk some theory with real coaches for long jump and such.

Would it help? Sure. It's pretty basic stuff. You could teach high school athletes most of the events with what you learn (other than pole vault....and hammer throw, but that's only done in one state at the HS level anyway). It's just a general overview.
That is true.

I am finishing up my degree in Phys Ed and Exercise Science (dual major) starting at the end of January and I want to get involved in HS sports coaching when I get a job after graduation. I figure all the education will help me a lot with that and with my clients.

I still plan on running the training business but by then I will hopefully be able to streamline it to athletes (mainly HS and college) so I can work with them at nights and during breaks.

I ran track when I was younger, mainly sprints and shotput, so I have a basic idea of how to train for it, but I want more knowledge and you can't get that from just reading a book.
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