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This is kind of a sad story but I got drunk with buddies and brought up how difficult I considered HSPUs and they looked at me like I was crazy. They were defiantly not implementing proper form but they started in a handstand position, lowered themselves, and then pressed - making it look easy. I gave it a shot (utilizing terrible form) and was able to do 10-15 or so. Prior to this evening and my initial post, I had just tried pressing from a headstand to handstand, which wasn't happening for me.

After this experience I started doing handstands after warm-up/before my workout for a few weeks focusing solely on form (to the best of my knowledge since I don't have a mirror or gym partner). I used the chapter on pressing from SS as a model. I would do something simple like a 5x20sec kind of deal.

Yesterday I did 5x6 HSPU and today 5x5. Both times the extension was limited, but i feel as though I maintained a solid controlled form. Tomorrow I want to lay off the HSPU but step up the handstand isometric. Should I do something like a 5x30sec hand stand or something like 3xFailure?
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