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Meal: Dinner

I had two avocados worth of guacamole with special ingredients. I can't get off the Couch now. Plus homemade chips.

In the Regional Avocado SME meeting today, the topic of chilling injury was brought up. According to avocadosource dot com:

"Chilling injury in avocado fruits is characterized by abnormal ripening, darkening of the flesh, development of undesirable flavors and odors, and pitting and darkening of the skin."

Out of 4 candidates, the NJ SME successfully identified, through mere intuition, the undamaged and damaged fruit (see below for results). This proved a significant feat, considering cold-damaged fruit are externally identical to undamaged ones.

The moral of the story: If perfectly good-looking avocados are on sale for a dollar each, there's a good chance that they'd been inadvertently frozen in-transit.
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