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Default I suck at curl/pull-ups

I'm 6', 205lbs, lean. On a really good day I can do 13 curl-ups or 12 pull-ups.

2 years ago I worked out hard and fairly smart. I did and still do curl-ups 90% of the time because I like utilizing my biceps. At that time I would do something like 5x5, 6x6, 4x8, or less volume with weight. I only did the exercise twice a week - MAYBE 3 times.

I'm working out again and I'm still maxed at 13 curl/12 pull. At the moment, per week I do something like this:

A. 1st day: 3xFailure curls
3rd day: 3x10 or 3x15 inverted body rows


B. 1st day: something a bit below max that doesn't exhaust me like 10 then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
3rd day: 3x10 or 3x15 inverted body rows

So basically now I'm mixing up working to failure and what I believe is called hypertrophy. Should I stick with this and see where it gets me? Am I right in using inverted rows for lighter days? What sort of work could I be doing to compliment a curl/pull-up? Dips, HSPU, push-ups, and inverted rows basically make up the rest of my upper body push/pull workout. My sister told me my dad used to do 20 pull-ups along with 1 arm pull-ups when he was in the Marine Corp., and, having his genetics, I think it's ridiculous I can't even pull off 15 reps.

p.s., I'm doing dead hang curl/pull-ups. And I got one of those all in one dip/pull-up stations so I can't kip.
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