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I agree the 1,000 squats really has no place in BJJ training, however, that was a bad example posted up. Yesterday's Workout is

Warm Up: Sand Bag drills 15 minutes

Strength: Work to 1RM Squat Clean & Jerk

Stamina: 5 rounds, not timed: 3 x SC @ 90% 1RM, 15 x Star Jumps, 1 x Buddy Carry 50yds each

Work Capacity: Frellen:

For time: 21-15-9 Thrusters (95#), Pull-ups, KB swing (55#). Run 400M after each set

En-Durability: Run 3 miles at moderate pace. Yoga or Active Stretch

I think we can all agree sandbag training is excellent for MMA/BJJ/GPP, the squat clean and jerk is an excellent lift, then a nice WOD, ended with a cool down run and yoga.

My concern here is that my BJJ schedual takes priority over my other workouts. As such, I may do BJJ M, W, Th, F and Sat of one week and then M, F, Su the next week depending on life - so following any set 'program' is difficult, especially when you may get such random, non linear lifting days. I did crossfit for awhile, but I found that only training it twice a week was not enough of a workout. The reason I leaned toward SealFit was the amount of work looks do-able and functional. It also will accommodate a hectic scheudal.

I have certainly played around with gymnastics, and I definitly see its value of static and constant strength in regards to grappling. I always seem to feel like im losing ground when doing gymnastics all alone though.

Grissim - I was wondering what do you workouts look like? I remember reading you roll BJJ, so I would imagine you have run across similar problems as me.

I appriciate any feedback....thanks guys!
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