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Default VO2 mAX

Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I disagree with you, but you're the one with the Ph.D, so until I learn more, I will not argue any further.
No worries Donald. It is not that I am particularly smart in that area. It is more that this is a fundamental concept of exercise physiology that any undergraduate student will know. It is not a hotly debated topic because the issues are largely well known through more than 30 years of research. What we know about it is pretty clear. What I presented is pretty basic and not at all controversial. Noakes is a bit of a lone wolf on this one. His book "The Lore of Running" was pretty popular and spread his alternative view of VO2 max to lots of lay persons and runners. His view is popular not because it is supported by the research or by even a small percentage of exercise physiologists; it is popular because he sold a lot of books. Oh well. He makes a convincing argument, but he is wrong.
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