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Ryan Smith
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Hey - was browsing through and saw no one commented back on this. I don't know really anything about thyroid conditions, but I do remember reading somewhere that Jim Wendler from EliteFTS doesn't have a thyroid and it doesn't seem to have any major effects on him (that I know of).

I did a quick search Robb Wolf's site (WFS) and couldn't find anything on thyroid stuff there. It would be an interesting topic that he might be willing to cover in one of his podcasts if you shot him an email - I'm sure a lot of people have similar questions. I know Jim Wendler has a Q&A section on EliteFTS (WFS) too so it may be worth asking him about it as well.

Intuition would make me tend to think that good eating (i.e. paleo) and fish oil combined with regular exercise would do the trick... but again I really don't know and don't claim to be an expert in this area.
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