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Originally Posted by Wendy Nelson View Post
Thanks Darryl, where can I get that math ref, is there an easy to understand conversion link somewhere out there? I had a PWO whey shake yesterday and had a slight gut ache the rest of the day. I dunno, maybe whey is not for me. I am going to try it again a coupla times to make sure but I might have to forego the whey.

I have been waiting out a shoulder and back injury and have been just doing foam rolling, massage and water so I have not used my whey in over a month. Interesting how elimination can shine a light.
I can't remember where I got those figures from but I think it was probably one of Prof. Louise Burke's sports nutrition books as they're the ones I refer to most frequently. As I recall the point she was making was that food is your best source of BCAA's and as this paper (link) states that "on average the BCAA content of food proteins is about 15% of the total amino acid content" and that "a typical BCAA supplement sold in tablet form contains 100 mg valine, 50 mg isoleucine, and 100 mg leucine" whereas "a chicken breast (100 g) contains 470 mg valine, 375 g isoleucine, and 656 mg leucine, the equivalent of about 7 BCAA tablets" and "one quarter of a cup of peanuts (60 g) contains even more BCAA and is equivalent to 11 tablets" it would seem that she was right.
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