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I looked up GTG a bit but I don't understand how many sets I should be working, and how many days a week I should performing the exercise. I think I share a common problem with a lot of people where I want to incorporate too many exercises into my workout so I'm a bit concerned about over training.

I realize this not in line with GTG, but I'm curious how something like this may work:

Day 1 - heavy
Curl-up 5 x well below failure

Day 2 - moderate
upright rows (upside down on my bar) 5 x near failure

Day 3 - light
inverted body rows (underneath my bar, feet propped on ladder) 5 x failure

Day 4 - rest

This would allow for well rounded pulling strength, and I would think each exercise would compliment the other, therefore upping my curl-up rep max.
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