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Default Sunday 01.03.10


I'm going to try to start charting my sleep on here as well. Got a broken 10-11ish hours of sleep last night and I'm already really tired (9:00 here). Jemma (our Great Dane) kept waking us up having to go to the bathroom - she must've ate something bad because she was pooping like every hour or 2... which meant I only slept in those increments. At least she won't go in the house and barks/whines when she has to go.

Been eating ok today - I'm going to end up having probably around 4 meals which is definitely doing better. My goal for this next week though is perfection -- i.e. eating more frequently (5-7x daily). I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get my ankle checked out and I'm hoping he lets me start working again. He may put me in a light duty capacity just so I don't re-injure it (plus I still can't run too well), but I'm itching to get back working again so we'll see what happens. Tomorrow also begins my 5/3/1 cycle... definitely looking forward to it! I planned out some metcons to add, but I'm really worried about the volume on my body so we'll see how it goes -- I figure I'll just listen and respond as my body tells me.
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