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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Only thing you need to really worry about is the anti-coagulent nature so take enough vitamin K.
One more follow-up question on this (maybe this is better for another thread), but I've always been told that as a LEO I shouldn't be taking fish oil because of that anti-coagulent nature. That's understandable because our two biggest lethal threats are probably getting shot/stabbed (semi-unlikely) and traffic collisions (virtually guaranteed several times to each leo with my agency - though in varying seriousness). Is this sound advice?

I've so far shrugged that advice off, since I figure I'm almost certain to face issues that fish oil addresses (joint issues, cardiovascular disease, etc, etc) whereas the odds of actually being shot are pretty low (knock on wood). I suppose I'm kinda taking my life in my hands with the car crashes, but I kinda doubt (I hope I'm right) that I'll sustain an injury that could/would cause me to bleed out. I'd estimate 5-10x (and it could be higher or lower - I'm just estimating) more officers die each year from issues fish oil addresses than from being shot.... and furthermore generally speaking a alarmingly high percentage of leo's (at least with my agency) tend to die within several years of retirement from a various assortment of diseases (most addressable with fish oil). I'd prefer to not die anytime soon, but at the same time I'd like to mantain a good quality of life (i.e. good health) and I'd not like to work 25 more years and predictably drop dead the day I retire.

Personally, while I've been post-surgery and not in the streets I've been doing higher-dose fish oil for recovery purposes. Once I'm back working I was thinking of just tapering down to 5g/day of fish oil and just start eating grass-fed meat (plus a lower-carb paleo type diet) to hopefully avoid a pressing need for a high-dose fish oil regime.

Thoughts on that topic? Would sufficient Vitamin K acceptably offset those anti-coagulant properties? Any suggestions for guidelines on fish oil/Vitamin K for LEO/MIL people?

(If anyone thinks this should be an individual thread, feel free to copy and paste)
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