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Caught a cold over the holidays so havenít been training much and skipped a few meals. Otherwise managed to have only a few glasses of wine and ate well over the holidays.

Sleep still disturbed although Iíve had a few solid nights in last couple weeks.

Saw my doctor and managed to get my hands on the actual tests Iíve had done (from October).

Creatinine: 113 (higher than normal 60-110)
Hemoglobin: 124 (lower than normal 135-170)
Hematocrit: 0.36 (lower than normal .38-.49)
RBC: 3.93 (lower than normal 4.2-5.7)
MCH: 32 (right at high end of 27-32)
Transferrin: 1.7 (lower than normal 2.1-3.6)
Free testosterone: 21.2 (lower than normal 31-94)

Ferritin: 121 (within 31-300 normal range; I was actually led to believe previously that I was also abnormal in ferritin, but I donít think this is real low so it seems that my haemoglobin is more of a problem than my stored iron)
Cortisol fasting (AM): 419 (normal 170 Ė 540)
Total testosterone: 17.9 (normal 8-38)
Stool test came back ok
Iím told my liver, thyroid, look ok

Doctor ran one more set of blood tests to see if some of my levels have moved.. added a few that I canít remember. Results back next week.
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