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Justin Arnold
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I'm living proof that you should learn the right way first.

I can easily press to a handstand (or whatever you want to call it), with straight arms, from a narrow straddle, and occasionally from a standing pike. Despite strength obviously not being the issue, I have trouble consistently holding handstands for very long because of my REALLY closed shoulder angle, and excessive arch in the back. It just feels as though my legs and torso aren't directly connected to my arms, making balance adjustments really difficult and unpredictable.

I learned handstands with this form and have been doing them for a few years, and am finding opening the shoulder, reducing lower back arch, and maintaining the abdominal tension VERY difficult. I really feel that my poor technique is keeping me from progressing any further.

Anyway, my advice? Focus on technique, to the point of taking video and post for critique if you don't have someone more experienced to help. That way you can try and avoid muscle memory locking you into a situation where you aren't going anywhere productive.
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