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Wow, I'm surprised that they think women need less than men do. Zinc and B6 and magnesium are awesome for women since they affect hypothalamic dopamine, which regulates progresterone/prolactin and promotes liver clearance of elevated estrogen (most women are estrogen-dominant due to a bunch of reasons including the estrogenic effects of our toxic environment--xenoestrogens). But I guess if women learned they could use vitamins to do all that, then the medical system would have to stop peddling progesterone cream (and alternative health practitioners would have to stop peddling vitex and Shatavari)... all those things are really harmful and vitamins are harmless. Also women are more likely to get all kinds of diseases that are supposed to be due to low calcium but are actually due to low magnesium (the body needing Mg to properly utilize calcium). Okay, so I'd be interested in why they think men need more than women. Anyone know? The only thing I can think of is that some people say magnesium gets used up according to protein intake, and since ZMA is marketed to athletes men are more likely to be drinking bucketfuls of protein powder than women are.
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