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Default Ola's 5/3/1-log

5, 3, 1, Go:

I've been training by myself for some time and hope to get in contact with some likeminded people here. I've dabbled with GPP-training but my lack of strength has always kept me back. This is my log in my pursuit to get stronger.

(Being a novice weight trainee) I chose to follow Wendlers 5/3/1 method since it's accessible and I like the structure. My weeks will look something like this:
  • Day 1: Bench Press,
  • Day 2: Front Squat (due to a bulging disc I'm much more comfortable with FS than back squats),
  • Day 3: Shoulder Press,
  • Day 4: Deadlift.

My primary assisting exercises will be: TGU, kroc rows, dips, pull ups and power cleans.

One or two times a week I will add some conditioning. I'll keep it short and simple, doing sprints, hill runs, rowing and some circuits with sandbags, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.

All in all a pretty straight-forward and simple program.

My goals for 2010 (1RM):
  • Bench Press: 140 kg,
  • Front squat: 150 kg,
  • Shoulder press: 90 kg.

Due to my bad back I only tried to find my 1RM on SP (72,5 kg in november) the last two years. I've been doing heavy singles (but nowhere near an 1RM) on FS (115 kg) but haven't bench pressed the last ten years or so. About the deadlift my only concern is not aggrevating my bad back.

Additional info:
I'm 35 years old and have a bodyweight of 90 kg.

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