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Interesting day today.

Called my MD to hear his thoughts on possible B12 deficiency. He didn't think much of it. Said that if I had macrocytic anemia I would have an elevated MCV (which I don't) and that my high MCH isn't alarming. Ok, but I insisted we consider B12 and he agreed to schedule me a B12 shot this friday.
Also, apparently my next blood test partially came back and my total testosterone has plummeted even further, to a level of 6.4 (from 17.9 back in October). Yikes. MD brought up possible need for testosterone therapy. Crap that scared me, I don't think that is a good idea, at least only as a last resort.

So, a bit freaked out, I made it over to an ND that I had recommended to me a ways back (wish I was near Dr. G but had to take a bit of a leap of faith on this guy). Have been holding off on that not wanting to spend the $$. Anyway, I ate threw a bit of money but hopefully enlisted the help of someone who might be able to help.

We talked about my issues and ran through some stuff including:
- LBC analysis
- gave a urine and saliva sample for bio terrain analysis (results next week)
- glucometer (I was at 4.9 I think.. slightly low, this was before having lunch)
- got a B12 injection

Looked at my blood cells under a microscope.. saw some really wacky things that I'm told by the ND is quite abnormal.. showing major signs of b-12 deficiency, digestion issues, gut and/or liver inflammation, and possible allergies

treatment thus far:
- B12 shot today (will get another B12 injection from MD on friday, another from ND on monday)
- B12 supplement (methyl) given to take daily
- recommended to take 15-30 billion probiotics daily

We talked about possible contributing factors being liver congestion and adrenal fatigure that we might want to look at depending on how things go

Follow up appointment on monday:
- getting another b12 shot
- taking a look at a food log
- zinc tally test
- look at results from "bio terrain anaylsis"

I don't know exactly what to think about the ND stuff.. the live blood analysis looked intriguing but whether or not it is bogus I just don't know. Will need to assess the guy's process moving forward.. don't want to waste money but he was highly recommended..
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