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Ryan Smith
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Sleep - 6 hours (laid in bed again for almost 2 hours before I fell asleep - that's about a week now it's been happening to me - I've been taking my ZMA and relaxing before bed but I can't fall asleep)


Was thinking about doing some active recovery work - running or rowing or something similar, but I'm really sore (especially hips and hammies) and want to give myself a day to recover a bit more. Been eating well today - just enjoying the day off. Trying to get myself adjusted to a new sleep pattern (going to bed earlier and waking up earlier).. it may be premature - I will find out today or tomorrow what shift I'll be working starting next week. I've been on nights (6 PM - 6 AM) almost my entire career and I'm really hoping I can finally start working a regular day shift because those night hours just kill me physically, mentally, etc, etc.
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