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Default Cycle 1, Week 1

First week of 5/3/1 done; really like it! Since I started way below 90% of my 1RM on several lifts Iíve been feeling very fresh after the workouts.

Two questions for someone more knowledgeable than me:
  • How should I go about choosing my assistance work and combining it with my compound lifts?
  • During deload weeks Iím thinking of combining day 1 & 2 into one workout and do the same with day 3 & 4 and minimize assistance work. Good idea?

Training recap
Day 1: Bench Press 5*60, 5*67,5, 14*75 kg. Stopped before getting close to failure. Wanted to try this out before repping away like crazy. Assistance: Kroc rows 1*max with 24 kg. TGU for 6 minutes (quality not quantity).

Day 2: Front Squat 67,5*5, 77,5*5, 10*87,5 kg. Assistance: Power clean, 2 on the minute for 10 minutes, 65 kg (performed before FS). Very light, going to progress these by 1,25 kg every week. Good Morning, 3*25, 25 kg (prehab for my back).

Day 3: Shoulder Press 5*42,5, 5*50, 11*55 kg. Assistance: Dips 5*10 (BW). Good Morning, 3*25 30 kg (prehab).

Day 4: Deadlift 5*80, 5*90, 10*100 kg. Due to my bulging disc Iím being very cautious deadlifting. Assistance: PU 3*max (10/6/5). Didnít like doing PU after DL and plan to switch the order of PC and PU. L-Sit, aggregate 1 min (took forever).

Conditioning: none this week. Read an article by Dan John on T-Muscle where he mentioned doing Bikram Yoga. Got inspired, I often cheat when it comes to stretching, and tried it twice on my rest days. Very humbling. Realized I have northern Europeís stiffest ankle joints.
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