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Default Thursday 01.07.10

So I just realized I've forgotten to title the last two days of workouts and I can't figure out how to edit titles...

Sleep - 11 hours (I was TIRED!)

12 min AMRAP - Did 4 rounds
10 Wall Squats
10 Halos (1 pood)
10 Pump Stretch

Foam Roll
Deadlift 190#x5, 240#x5, 285#x3

310# x 5
360# x 5
405# x 5+ - did 7 reps... utalized double overhand grip so my grip went first
190# x 5x10

Barbell Rows 5x10 - 135# (gotta tweak my assistance work programming - I know)


5 min of Turkish Getups

Spent a lot of my workout coaching a friend so it was a good time to reinforce my own technique. I'm doing the lighter ETK workouts on my heavier lift days (i.e. deadlift and squat) and then the longer ETK workouts on my lighter days (i.e. press and bench press) since those swings combined with the squat/dl kill my hips. Eating decent too... lots of meat!!!
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