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Are you outfitting a home gym or an affiliate?

The above is spot on. The best I've found for bumper prices is Rubberman. They run some cheap sales every so often. I've since upgarded to Werksan - which would be like comparing a Mercedes to a Yugo (Werksan to Kraiburg), but that's because i've fallen in love with OL.

On Bars - go Pendlay's HDs. They are not quaranteed for life, but they are meant to be dropped. I'm not so sure about the other stuff I've seen out there.

On kettlebells - definitely Muscle Driver. Best prices you can find on decent bells.

Stall Mats - Tractor Supply.

I could go on and on. I've got everything I need now in my home gym, but I do want to get a few more Werksan Training Plates - 10s and 15s. Once I can snatch comfortably snatch all the Reds I have (4 of them - 120), then i'll stop pussy footing around with all the little plates. But until then, I'm a pussy and I like looking at a bar with 4 or 5 plates on it.

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