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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Day 8 Tuesday morning weigh in

Jumped on the scale with thoughts of at least 1 lb gain. Imagine my dismay when I looked down and saw the numbers. I am down 3 LB's

182.6 LB's
10.1% BF on athletic 17.5% on normal

I tried to keep everything the same as when I weighed in last week Tuesday morning both weigh ins were after grappling Monday night. I might have been more dehydrated today but I don't think so.

1) My diet must have been worse than what I thought for the last year.
2) I feel like I am eating more food but it is certainly good to clean food.
3) My best guess is that I need to up my total calories and possibly add more carbohydrates.
1)It usually turns out that way
2)According to your log it seems that way
3)I'd play with adding more fat before the carbs.

Another thing is were you eating more carbs prior to when you started doing this mass gain thing?
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