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Ryan Secor
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Default Tuesday 01.12.10

Sleep - 10 hours

10 min AMRAP - Did 6 or 7 rounds
10 OHS
10 Halos (1 pood)
10 Pump Stretch

Foam Roll
Strict Press - 65#x5, 80#x5, 95#x3

Strict Press
110# x 3
125# x 3
140# x 3+ - did 6 reps
65# X 5x10

Strict Chest-to-Bar Dead Hang Pullups - 5xAMAP - 9/7/5/6/5

12 min AMRAP:
20 KB Swings (1.5 pood)
1 min Jump Rope

Did 7 rounds (new PR for Program Minimum) - I chose jump rope because I feel it strengthens my ankle more (which is what I need right now)

So being back to work I definitely have to practice some good time management (probably a good thing). Felt like I had a good workout. I matched up my days off with my workouts so for the rest of the month I will basically only be working out on my days off (I only work 3 days a week - with this week being the exception) and it happens to match perfectly. If I'm feeling good after a day at work I may do something light, but otherwise I'm just going to focus on taking it easy and not worry about getting a workout in. On to drink my PWO cup (maybe cups) of milk!
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