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Originally Posted by Ola Persson View Post
How should I go about choosing my assistance work and combining it with my compound lifts?
It's honestly up to you and it looks like what you have set up is fairly decent. The only thing I would personally swap is the Dips on Pressing day with the Pullups on DL day (I like making everyone push/pull or vice versa). I'd also say that once you hit 10 reps with BWT on both those start making them weighted. But, honestly it's all up to you and it's what works best for you (again what you have looks good) so play around with it later if you want.

In fact on EliteFTS Wendler fields a few questions about this in a Q&A section and he basically says the same thing about playing around with it. He says certain movements work better for some than others - for example Kroc Rows work really awesome for him. Here's a link to the Q&A section over there so check it out and it'll really help you - he's always answering questions and seems really good about fielding almost anything anyone throws at him.

Originally Posted by Ola Persson View Post
During deload weeks Iím thinking of combining day 1 & 2 into one workout and do the same with day 3 & 4 and minimize assistance work. Good idea?
Good idea with minimizing the assistance work. With combining the two days are you saying that the purpose is to minimize your deload week (i.e. make it only 2 days long) so you can begin a new cycle sooner? Or are you just wanting to take that 4th week easy and only workout 2 days the entire week then take the other 5 as rest days?

If you're trying to shorten deload week by making it 2 days so you can get to a new cycle faster - don't. Give your body a break. If you're wanting to combine the movements so you have more days off, I don't think that'd be a problem. Bottom line - take a full 4 weeks for each cycle. You're in no hurry.
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