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Nothing new from my MD. We met last Friday to get a B12 shot and talk further, but nothing really came of it. He brought up looking at some sort of androgen topical application but I was resistant and at least had him try to get me in to see an endocrinologist before doing that.

Have had one more ND consultation:
- we ran through a ďbio terrain analysisĒ, which showed a bunch of stuff I wonít get in to here.. nothing super alarming but I think did show I need to drink more water, might need to more o-3s to fight some inflammation, some other kind of neat stuff..
- did a basic urine adrenal function test (not an expensive one) that showed Iím pretty tapped out.. I think the scale was 17-35 for normal, and I came out a 7
- we talked about a few more things, looked at a diet log, and he seemed to agree with my self-diagnosis of having a bad case of leaky gut and adrenal fatigue.. the question is what is/has caused it
- using some of his recommendations Iím focusing on good digestion above all else, trying to think more about my breathing, and supplementing with fish oil / dig enzymes at meals, glutamine + probiotics in morning/before bed, and a tribulus supp 2x day to help with the t-levels..

Might get one more B12 show at end of week. Otherwise going to see how things go for a few weeks. Iíve had a few good sleeps in the last couple days which gives me some hope on that end!

Still feel stumped on the hemoglobin thing though, and unsatisfied with any attempts at researching (or answers from MD/ND) about why it would be low, if I just have a really messed up gut / adrenals.
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