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50% of my working weight. Too light, as it turns out, but it's easier to bump it up than scale it back.

I'm working on an experiment. I'm structuring the remainder of my strength phase somewhat like this:

Oly A/Oly B alternating
Upper body: T: volume (press 5x5), Thu: light, S: heavy (pp max 3)
(Saturday only): Squat 5/3/1
Assistance (Bradford press, Kroc rows, RDLs, GMs)

For Oly A/B, I'm doing something quasi Westsidish:

A: Work to max on some lift variant
B: Stay light and do 10 sets of 2, working on speed on some lift variant.

Could be a stupid idea, but might help me develop power and speed without taxing my recovery capabilities.
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