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Thanks Derek, the complicating thing for me is that I have asthma. Once it gets into my lungs, whoa, forced down time. And I readily accepted it this time.

1.12.10 p.m. - went to Firebreather Fitness and coached 7 folk on some finer points with barbell snatching. Had an absolutely fantastic time. I must have snatched 95 and 135 around 40 or 50 times demonstrating stuff - and it didn't hurt at all! A lot of fun for me. I'm looking forward to doing this twice a week.

1.13.10 Had a really cool session last night with Kiara (my 12 year old). I got her some Pendlay Do-Wins for Christmas and she took them on her maiden voyage. I did some very low volume event work while she lifted - my lungs are almost healed, yeah!!!!. She did some front squats, back squats, clean and jerks, split snatches, and pull ups. Then she spent about 10 mintues beating the crap out of softball on her hit around. Very proud papa.

I know we need to work on her rack position and a lot of finer points, but I'm simply tickled to death she's taking an interest. I try not to coach her to much, because she gets a bit frustrated with me. So I do my best to keep her tight, right, and free from injury. Hence, she's using play weights until she gets a bit more serious. That said, she was easily deadlifting 60 kilos for sets of 5 at the end of the session. That's something I reckon she gets pretty honest.

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