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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I read the book right when it came out, almost a year ago.

I used Joel's methods to help train for the military, and I was easily able to figure out my deficiencies and train them accordingly. For example, the Tempo Method trains the slow twitch fibers, and I found that I could do a max set of pullups and not be absolutely trashed afterwards because the development of slow twitch fibers helped me to recover. But, my max number of pullups didn't go up, so when I started doing more of the Explosive Repeat method, which works the oxidative capacities of the fast twitch fibers, my max number of pullups went up.

I also used his Cardiac Output training and High Intensity Continuous Intervals (HICT) to help with my running.

I don't use his methods anymore, since I dropped out of the military and am more interested in gymnastics and strength training. I do frequent his forum though, and I was introduced to Block Training and much more through him.
Thanks Donald. You've got more patience than me if I understand Joel's stuff correctly. I find HR monitor work very dull. I must get around to buying the book though.
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