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Ryan Smith
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Default Saturday 01.16.10

Sleep - 10+ hours

10 min AMRAP (not for speed though) - 5 or 6 rounds (don't remember)
10 Squats
10 Halos
10 Pump Stretch

Foam Roll
Deadlift - 190#x5, 235#x5, 285#x3

Deadlift (double overhand grip on everything)
335# x 3
380# x 3
430# x 3+ - did 9 reps... strapped up on this set only just so grip didn't limit me (I figure my grip is getting worked with the rest of my deadlift sets and when/if I compete and/or max I usually use a mixed grip so grip isn't an issue)
190# x 5x10 (1 min rest in between)

Ring Dips 5x10 (1 min rest in between)


800 meter Run (3:27)
5 min Turkish Get-Ups (left side still feels awkward)
800 meter Run (3:15)

Drank a gallon of milk (probably 1/3 of it PWO) today too - not much of a problem downing it and I feel GREAT! I'm throwing a little running in my workouts --- I need to get my running a little better for work. I'd like to see my 800 meter times in the 2:15-2:30 range (assuming no decrease in my lifts). Not much else to say... It's nice to be back in the gym.
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