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Default Jr USAG Level 5 Meet

First meet of the year. It ended up being a boys trip to Tallahassee. 4.5 hours up and 4.5 back in a torrential downpour. It was really cool for Jr and me to hang out in the car talking about all kinds of stuff and listening to music. Funny I hate driving for work but this was a lot of fun.

This was the first meet besides Gasparillo that the girls and boys teams were competing at the same time. We went 3 hours early so we could support the girls and one of the level 4 boys. I really think Jr enjoyed being there for all his team mates.

He was pretty nervous and I was absolutely more nervous then he was. Funny how I can be completely calm for one of my tournaments but am freaking out waiting for his to start.

He was very consistent with his scoring. 1 12, 1 14 and the rest all in the 13 range. He is learning a lot about how to score well. Several little things are making a big difference. The owner of the gym has taken over the boys team and is working with them on how to score well.

It was a blast and I am hoping that he continues for at least one more year.
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