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Ryan Smith
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Default Sunday 01.17.10

Sleep - 8ish hours (got to bed real late)

Same old Pavel Warmup circuit... 6 or 7 rounds
Foam Roll
Bench Press - 115#x5, 140#x5, 170#x3

Bench Press
200# x 3
225# x 3
255# x 3+ - did 5 reps
115# x 5x10 (1 min rest between sets)

Barbell Rows 155# x 5x10 (1 min rest between sets)

ETK Program Minimum (continuing)
12 min AMRAP:
30 KB Swings (1.5 pood)
1 min Jump Rope (for conditioning + ankle rehab)

Completed 6 rounds which is pretty impressive since just a week ago I could barely do 6 rounds at 20 KB Swings + 1 min conditioning work.

I didn't start my workout until about 8 tonight which is shame on me - I should be thinking about going to bed at that time so I'm not completely off my sleeping schedule come my work week. Double shame on me because despite downing an entire gallon of milk again today, I definitely did not eat much (mostly due to laziness on my part). I need to make sure and focus on that especially on my days off. Tomorrow my goal is to first eat more frequently (at least every 2-3 hours) getting in at least 4-5 meals plus my gallon of milk and second I need to workout in the morning. Working out at night used to not affect as much, but now I notice issues falling asleep if I workout too late in the evening.

Tomorrow I'm also starting the 5/3/1 set phase of my cycle and I'm already noticing that I'm definitely stronger and others are noticing I'm shedding quite a bit of bodyfat and putting on some muscle (scale fluctuates in the mid-high 220's still --- which is fine by me... I don't really care how much I weigh as long as it's good). I won't be doing body measurements though until the end of the 4 week cycle.
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