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Collin O'Neill
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Did a quick 20 min workout yesterday, basically a modified Cindy. Subbed sit-ups for squats due to the hammy problem.

I didn't keep track of how many sets I did, but for not having done many pushups in the last several weeks, I was banging them out consistently unbroken up into numbers that I usually would have to start breaking them up at. Think sets 12-18. I am pretty happy with that.

Took it easy today, did some light stretching and ran a couple of kata. I can still feel a little tenderness in the ham string when I move *just* so, nothing when I squat though, so hopefully I can continue to deload with some light work in the weight room tomorrow.

I am also trying to get back into the habit of walking every day. Easy to do in the summer and fall between frisbee golf, walking the dog, and hunting. Harder to do in the winter. Just have to get my ass out the door.
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