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Our first meet was yesterday as well and he was a 1st year L5. A few months ago, he was very worried and stressed that he wasn't ready for L5. He's the only L5 in our training group so he doesn't really what other boys are competing or training like as well. He also competed L4 very well except for FX so it's been a real ego buster in that L5 has been much harder.

He ended up doing ok with some mistakes on mushroom such as a fall which is unheard of, choppy floor and not hitting very well on rings either.

I was also told so long as they show a kipping action during the attempted kip, it's more worthwhile unless they were to fall off as there is a limit to how much they can deduct. We had planned doing a spotted kip but did this instead.

I brought my camera to take video as I was gonna ask a fellow coach to take footage but they thought it was a camera and not on video and I just didn't bother in the later events. Next time. I figured we'd have a better video up close than from the stands.
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