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Ryan Smith
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Default Monday 01.18.10

Sleep - 8 hours


The usual

Back Squat - 135#x5, 175#x5, 205#x3

Back Squat
260# x 5
295# x 3
330# x 1+ - did 3 reps
140# x 5x10

RDL 155# x 5x10

800m Run (didn't time either run - had the dogs with me)
5 min TGU
800m Run

Couple of notes:
Back Squat seems to be regressing in terms of form. I'm failing to hit depth at the bottom of my squat and I'm rounding my back in the hole of my squat. Unfortunately/fortunately for me the Squat has always been the most work for me to do correctly, so it looks like I have my work cut out for me. I've been re-reading the squat chapter in Rip's book and suspect a few things: First is that I probably need to do some hamstring stretching pre-workout just so I can get into position. Second is that I need to be more kinisthetically aware of spinal extension --- my wife pointed out that when I was doing back extensions frequently I never had an issue with rounding at the bottom. Unfortunately I don't have anything right now to do back/hip extensions, so I'll probably just add in some Supermans in my warmup. Thirdly I going to bring my stance in a little (I've gradually allowed it to get wider which is causing my hip tightness to limit my depth). Fourth I'm going to bring my grip in just a tad - I think I'm holding a little wide which is affecting my back tightness. If anyone has any further suggestions I'd love to hear them... I don't want to overcomplicate the movement, but I want to be proficient and even perfect (too much to ask?) in this movement.

Another day of GOMAD and feeling good...
Training Log
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